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Our Struggles​

These are some of the common struggles or challenges that people may face.

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Anger Management

Do you feel angry and do not know why? Get to the root cause of your anger. Anger management counselling can help you tap into the core issues, thoughts and feelings that underpin your anger. Anger is often a behaviour that masks feelings such as hurt, fear, shame and grief. Understanding the five stages of anger and your triggers is key to successful anger management.


Sometimes life events can bowl us over, knock us down, and affect our self-confidence. We have gotten over the initial stage of the change, which could be a loss of a job, a split in a relationship, an injury or bullying at work. You may be experiencing excessive sensitivity to criticism, stronger reactions to a perceived lack of performance and avoiding challenging situations, all of which you may have never done before. Counselling can assist you in identifying the "why" and help you with the "how" in getting your confidence back.

Grief and Loss 

Grief is a fact of life, something everyone goes through – but that doesn’t make it easier. Also, hearing from other people telling you that you need to get over it or move on does not make it easier either. Counselling helps you with strategies to weather the storms, and cope with the ups and downs that come with a deeply-felt loss.


Anxiety can be a general response to feeling stressed, or it can be triggered by specific situations or events. Catastrophic thinking frequently occurs with anxiety, leaving you feeling like something awful may happen, or anticipating the worst-case scenario in any given situation. Counselling can help you understand the reasons for your anxiety and provide strategies to work through your thoughts and feelings.


Life might look fine on the surface - great job, relationships, family life - but depression can still cloud our view, and darken our mood. Many people experiencing depression become self-critical, believing they are flawed, abnormal or damaged in some way because everything should be fine, but something doesn’t seem right. Counselling targets the underlying causes of depression and help you learn strategies to help regulate your mood, and ways to manage stress effectively.

Individual Relationship Counselling

You may be struggling with conflicting thoughts and feelings about your relationship; you might be having difficulty balancing your own needs with the demands of your partner or family. In some cases, you may be experiencing feelings of depression, anger, anxiety or grief associated with separation or divorce. Counselling may help you make sense of your experience, and support you moving forward in a constructive and positive way.

General Counselling

At times it can be incredibly difficult to get your head around what’s going on, let alone put it into words. Sometimes there might be nothing wrong in your life, except for an unsettling feeling that something isn’t right. At other times, issues in different areas of life combine and start to build up. This can lead to feelings of pressure, stress, and confusion about what to do next. Counselling may help you make sense of what is going on while developing appropriate strategies to move forward with purpose.

Existential Counselling

Existential therapy tries to help people find meaning and purpose in their lives. It seeks to end the fear of the unknown. A therapist actively encourages patients to use their capacity to make choices and develop their lives to maximise their existence or reason for being.

Ageing confronts humans with specific existential challenges. These challenges such as retirement, illness, pain, end-of-life journeys, children leaving home, or the death of a partner or close friend can cause suffering in old age. Not dealing with or insufficiently dealing with these existential themes can result in crisis, psychological disorders, and illness. 

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

― Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

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